ERS is staffed with professional and certified fishery and wildlife biologists with over 150 years of combined experience. We offer complete fishery and wildlife management services to a variety of clients, including landowners, fishing and hunting clubs, resorts, utility companies, special recreation districts, environmental organizations, corporations, Native American tribes, and local government agencies. Our fishery and wildlife management services include completion of population surveys, development of natural resource management plans, formulation of fish and wildlife harvest recommendations, and fish and wildlife stocking. Specifically, ERS manages both cold and warmwater fisheries in streams and lakes, and small game, big game, waterfowl and upland wildlife in the Rocky Mountain and Great Plains regions. We also provide non-game wildlife management and pest and predator control services.

Our fishery and wildlife management services include:

  • Fish population inventories in streams and lakes
  • Small game, upland, big game and non-game wildlife surveys
  • Comprehensive fishery and wildlife management plans
  • Fish and wildlife harvest monitoring and recommendations
  • Sensitive, threatened and endangered fish and wildlife investigations
  • Fish and wildlife stocking
  • Wildlife damage control
  • Predator and nuisance wildlife management
  • Exotic species management
  • Eco-tourism development