Since 1995 we have been managing hundreds of ponds, lakes and reservoirs in over 25 states. Our clients include private landowners, golf courses, city municipalities, state fish and wildlife agencies, homeowner associations, private ranches and resorts, Native American tribes, fishing and hunting clubs, office parks, and property management firms. We offer a full array of products and services to enhance aquatic resources and maintain such on a long term, cost effective basis.

Our pond and lake management services and products include:

  • Annual, year round management services contract (Comprehensive Annual Program, or CAP)
  • Water quality assessment, improvement and maintenance
  • Seasonal water quality monitoring
  • Aeration system design, installation and maintenance
  • Habitat evaluation and enhancement
  • Shoreline stabilization and nutrient loading control
  • Algae and weed control (licensed by State of Colorado)
  • Fish population assessment and management plan development
  • Fish stocking (and eradication/removal)
  • Monthly and quarterly pond and lake maintenance programs
  • Complete line of aeration systems and decorative fountains
  • Algae and weed control chemicals and other water treatment products

We strive to offer the best lake management services in the Rocky Mountains and Great Plains. We apply effective, state of the art techniques for aquatic resource management and we complete our services in a professional manner. Moreover, we are staffed with professional, educated and certified aquatic and fishery biologists with over 150 years of combined expertise and experience. Please feel free to contact us for all of your pond and lake management needs.

ERS is a regional distributor of the PondHawk solar pond and lake aeration system. The PondHawk is a state-of-the-art aeration technology, and using a direct-power technology (i.e., No Expensive Batteries!), it is a cost effective alternative to conventional electrical and older battery-storage solar aeration systems.  For more information, please visit the Linne Industries website.